Frequently Asked Questions

Collegiate & Sorority Jewelry:

Is your jewelry officially licensed?

Yes, our collegiate and sorority jewelry is officially licensed by the respective universities and organizations. Each piece of jewelry is accompanied by a holographic label signifying the University/Sorority has granted the right to use its trademarks. Without this, the merchandise may be counterfeit.

I don't see my college or sorority. Can you get more schools and organizations?

We are always looking to expand our collection. Please submit a request for your school or organization and we will research and get back to you!

Is your jewelry lead free?

Yes, all of our jewelry is lead-free. Much of it is silver tone although some pieces are silver and/or gold plated. Descriptions are provided for each product.


Are your stickers waterproof?

Our stickers are water-resistant, not waterproof. Water-resistant means they can resist water to a certain extent but is not completely impervious if submerged for an extended period of time or exposed to a lot of water pressure.

Why do you laminate your stickers?

The lamination provides an extra layer of protection and extends the life of your sticker significantly over non-laminated stickers. Most of our stickers also feature a holographic laminate creating a fun and sparkly finish.

What does tear resistant mean?

Our stickers are tear-resistant which means they can withstand heavy use and physical stress. They will resist tearing or ripping and last a for a long time.